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Through baptism a person joins the Christian family of the church.

In the baptism service we celebrate God's love for us in Jesus; and we pledge our commitment to him as our Lord and Saviour, whether we are old enough to understand this for ourselves, or whether it is parents and godparents doing this on behalf of a small child.

During the baptism service water is used to symbolise being washed clean of sin, a candle is used to illustrate the difference baptism should make in a person's life and prayers are said for God's help and strength.

Because baptism marks a serious intention to follow Jesus, we offer baptism preparation; helping you think through the things that help someone to grow as a Christian and exploring the words that are used in the baptism service.

Baptisms take place in the main Sunday service, either 9am at All Saints or 10.30am at Holy Trinity.

As well as baptism, we offer the service of thanksgiving, in which parents can say 'thank you' to God for their new baby and ask for his help with their new responsibilities as parents. We usually offer a thanksgiving as part of the preparation for baptism of a baby.

To find out more, please contact our administrator on 01279 871754 or email [email protected]

If you have any questions about baptism, you may find the answers in one of our leaflets:

Guide to Baptism

Guide for Godparents

Our baptism records date back many years (All Saints to 1565, Holy Trinity to 1662), and can be viewed here