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Whether you are planning a funeral for the first time or have done so before, it is never easy, especially if the person was young, died suddenly or tragically.

A funeral service marks the end of a person's life on earth and provides an opportunity for friends and relatives to say 'thank you', comfort one another and say a final 'farewell'.

The funeral service will include prayers, time for remembering, a tribute and words of comfort from the Bible; the person will be commended to God's care and their body 'committed' for burial or cremation.

Often there are hymns and music; and communion can be included if the service takes place in church.

A funeral service can take place in church, at the crematorium or at the grave-side; and is followed by either cremation or burial.

Please be aware that there are strict rules governing our churchyards and the memorials allowed in them; so please make sure that you have read and understood the rules before you decide on a church burial, or interment of ashes in the churchyard.

A copy of the churchyard rules can be viewed here

Before the service, the minister will visit; to meet with the relatives, plan the service and offer a prayer. Often the minister or someone else from church will visit after the service to see if you need any further help or comfort.

Usually it is best to contact a funeral director first, even if you want a service in church, as they will be able to guide you through the process and make all the necessary arrangements for you.

To find out more, please contact our administrator on 01279 871754 or email [email protected]

Our funeral records date back many years (All Saints to 1664, Holy Trinity to 1686), and can be viewed here