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Revd Rob Burles
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Marriage is a celebration of human love and commitment in which a couple pledge themselves to live faithfully together, through thick & thin, until parted by death.

In the marriage service a man and a woman make a solemn vow and promise to belong to one another, to comfort and to help each other.

During the marriage service rings are usually exchanged, God's blessing is sought for the couple, prayers are said for their future life together and the marriage registers are signed.

We believe that marriage enriches society and strengthens community, and also that it is the best place within which to share the deepest of human intimacy and to have a family.

Because marriage is a big step for a couple to take, we offer marriage preparation; helping you think through the things that help relationships to grow and exploring the words that are used in the marriage service.

You may be getting married abroad or at a registry office and want a blessing, or you may want to renew your marriage vows; come and talk to us about what you want.

You may have been married before, and wish to get remarried; again come and talk with us about what you'd like to do.

To find out more, please contact our administrator on 01279 871754 or email [email protected]

Our marriage records date back many years (All Saints to 1729, Holy Trinity to 1661), and can be viewed here